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ARRA News Service - News for social, fiscal & national security conservatives who believe in God, family & the USA. Upholding the rights granted by God & guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, traditional family values, "republican" principles / ideals, transparent & limited government, free markets, liberty & individual freedom.
BootBerryism - Arkansas conservatives opposing democrats, liberals & RINOs who support progressive liberal agendas affecting Arkansas.
Greater Fitchburg for Life - Celebrating and supporting the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death. All people have an "inalienable right to life.

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Building a Better Baxter County

Saturday, April 18, 2015
"Building a Better Baxter County"
Ad Copy [PDF]

Twin Lakes Baptist Church
Youth Center
2645 Hwy 65 W. Mtn Home, AR

Co-Hosted by
Rod Soubers, BCRC Chairman
Gov. Asa Hutchinson
5:00 pm
Silent Auction
Meet & Greet Candidates
6:00 pm
Dinner Program
Tickets Required!    $40
Children Under Age 12: $15
(Table for 8 may be reserved for $340.00)
For Tickets Contact:
Edna Fusco 870-421-6368

Can't attend, Please Make a Contribution
For Electing 2016 - County and State Constitutional Officers.
to: BCRC, P.O Box 1178, Mtn Home, AR 72654

Baxter GOP OrgsMeeting Times
Baxter County Republican Committee, Arkansas
Baxter Co. GOP Committee
Last Tuesday of the Month
(No meeting in December)
No-Host Dinner: 5:30 pm
6:00 - 7:00 pm +
Western Sizzlin, Mtn Home, AR Western Sizzlin
Hwy 62B East
Mountain Home, AR

Republican Men's Club of Baxter County, Arkansas
GOP Men's Club Meetings
3rd Tuesday of the Month
(No meeting in December)
No-Host Lunch: 11:30 a.m.
Meeting: Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Western Sizzlin, Mtn Home, AR Western Sizzlin
Hwy 62B East
Mountain Home, AR

Twin Lakes Republican Women's Club
GOP Women's Club Meetings
1st Thursday of the Month
No-Host Lunch: 11:30 a.m.
Time:  Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Elk's Lodge
Hwy 62B East at Club Blvd
Mountain Home, AR

GOP Officials
U.S. Congress:
Senator John Boozman
Senator Tom Cotton
Rep. Rick Crawford (Dist. 1)

Gov. Asa Hutchinson
Lt Gov. Tim Griffin
AG Leslie Rutledge
Sec. of State Mark Martin
Treasurer Dennis Milligan
Auditor Andrea Lee
Land Comm. John Thurston
Arkansas Senate:
Sen. Scott Flippo - Dist 17
Missy Thomas Irvin - Dist 18
Arkansas House:
John Payton - Dist. 64
Kelley Linck - Dist. 99
Nelda Speaks - Dist. 100

Baxter County:
Judge Mickey Pendergrass
Sheriff John Montgomery
Clerk Canda Reese
Treasurer Jenay Mize
Assessor Jayme Nicolson
Collector Teresa Smith (i)
Coroner Brad Hays
JP Districts
1 - Gary W. Smith
2 - Lucille Soltysik
3 - Michael Beck
4 - Col William J. Lucas
5 - James Kerr, Jr.
6 - Rhonda Tink Albright
7 - Marilyn Williamson
8 - Edna Fusco
9 - Neal M. Pendergrass
10 - Kevin Litty
11 - Leon Alexander

Constable Townships
1 - David Witherington
2 - Gary L. Arwood (i)
4 - Jason Bradley
5 - Danielle Campfield (i)
6 - Larry C. Barker (i)
7 - Brent Weaver (i)
8 - Clay Maple (i)
9 - Larry Walters (i)
10 - Scott Trasher
11 - Ezra Roberts
* 3 - "No One Filed"

Election Commission
[Elected by BCRC]
Lois Smith - Chair
Mary Goodman

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